You choose your favourite genre, and the number of books you would like each month. Then choose the type of subscription you want (fixed term 3, 6 or 12 months, or monthly continuing). Once you’ve paid, we send you out your first box. Subsequent boxes will be shipped on or near the same date each month.

That depends on the genre you’ve chosen, but they will mostly be good quality pre-loved paperbacks and the occasional hardback. If you choose a vintage box the books will be in very good condition for their age. The books you receive will not be the ones photographed as these are sample boxes only, every box will be different, but of the same high quality.

Your first box will arrive 4-5 days after your payment is received. We ship by second class post to keep the cost of the boxes as low as we can. You’ll get your next box around the same time every month.

Of course. And if you want we can send a card to your gift recipient telling them when their subscription will start, or a personalised message from you inside the box. One-off gift boxes are also available and can have a personalised message inside if required.

Yes, you can change the genre, number of books etc up to one week before your box is due to be despatched. Just email us at [email protected]

You can pause your subscription at any time provided you give us 2 weeks notice of the pause and when you want to restart.

Yes, we use solely recyclable packaging so you can just drop it in your recycle bin. All our book boxes come in a sturdy recycled cardboard box with shredded kraft paper padding.

Currently we are only shipping within the UK, but we hope to start shipping overseas shortly. Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

All the books are in a minimum of VG+ condition. Most will be much better. If you have subscribed to one of our vintage boxes the books will be in VG condition for their age.

Inside each box will be the requested number of books and a couple of small book-related gifts (bookmarks, postcard etc). Each book is individually gift-wrapped (you can opt out of this if you prefer). We know we could add tea or chocolate or candles or whatever but to be honest we’re not experts in these things. We’re experts in books so that’s what we send you. We’re all about choosing the best books just for you.

If you’ve already read a book then just let us know and we’ll replace it, either in your next box, or straight away (depending on how desperate you are!). Of course you could take the opportunity to re-read it. Some books really benefit from a second reading, especially if you’ve not read it recently.

We hope you’ll love the books we send you and will want to keep some of them, but we’re all about sharing the love of books so feel free to give them to friends or donate them to your local charity shop. Imagine if every book was only read once by one person? What a waste of that book’s potential that would be!

All our books are secondhand, firstly because we think every book needs to be read by as many people as possible to justify the carbon footprint. Secondly, because we want to keep our subscriptions as accessible as we can, so that for the price of a couple of cups of coffee a month you can discover a new world, be a time traveller, solve a tantalising mystery...

We’re experienced booksellers with the knowledge to be able to choose the very best books for you. Between us we have over 30 years experience with new and secondhand books. You tell us what you like to read and month by month we’ll choose great books just for you that we think you’ll love. And the longer your subscription the more we’ll get to know you and what you like to read. We just love choosing books for people - it’s why we became booksellers in the first place!

Certainly, you are most welcome to have as many monthly subscriptions as you like. However currently due to the way our payment model works, you will need to set up each subscription as a separate transaction. This will also make it easier for you to change, pause or end each individual subscription.

All of our payments are handled by Paypal, so we never have access to your card details. They are securely handled by Paypal. Please note that payments will show as going to WV Books and Vintage as that is our parent company.
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